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Breaking in new skates can be uncomfortable, but should not be painful. The leather used in skates is stiff and needs to soften to your specific foot shape. Proper fit is essential to performance and longevity of the skate and figure skating.

If your skates are heat moldable and you require additional assistance in obtaining the proper fit, your Gam Skate Technician can assist. Your skates will be heated at a carefully controlled temperature and molded to your feet without breaking the skate down.

Do not walk on boots that do not have a blade mounted.

For the first few sessions, the skates should not be laced too tight and the top hook should be left unlaced. This gives the foot a chance to settle properly into the boot. It may be necessary to retie your boots as the boot conforms to your foot and ankle area and as the laces stretch.

Gel socks, sponges or moleskin can be used to prevent blisters caused by the breaking in process.

Begin slowly and go easy on your new boots. Limit jumps and spins, gradually increasing the amount of time on the ice using your new boots.

Blades are generally mounted on your new boots so that minor adjustments can be made before permanently placed. Within 2-3 sessions you should know if your blade needs to be adjusted. Once the final proper blade placement is obtained, permanent screws need to be mounted, leaving some screw holes unused on the sole plate for future positioning adjustments or alternatives if original holes become enlarged through wear.