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Loosen your laces and place your foot into the boot.  The bottom half of the holes in your boot should be tightened to take up the slack.  Pull the laces snugly for the remaining holes and across the instep, ensuring that the boot wraps around your foot and across the tongue sufficiently.  Hold the tightness in place by knotting the lace before moving to the hooks. Wrap the laces over and then under each hook, keeping the ankle tighter and then some room at the top to allow sufficient room to bend your knees.  When you skate you should feel your shin leaning firmly into the laces across the tongue.  You should have a secure feeling if tightened correctly and your boot should begin to show some lacebite (slight grooves in the leather) where the laces lay on the boot and across the tongue.  Finish with a secure bow and double knot.  

Replace laces when they start to wear or to lose threads, or when the plastic ends (aglet) come off.

Always keep spare pairs of laces in your skate bag.